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Golden Bengal Award
Dear Faya,Congratulations! You have a wonderful place in cyberspace,
therefore you've won the Golden Bengal Award!


Drag'n Lady's Award
Dear Faya, Congratulations!!! You have got a wonderful site
and it is a site where you are serving the public
I hope you will accept my award Please post it with pride


Angel Neb Award for Web Excellence
Hi Faya, I visited your site and I was very impressed.
Your pages are well written, and well organized.


Marie's Award of Excellence
Hi Faya,I've been to your site many times:))
  I would be honored if you would accept my award.


Awesome Award
Hi Faya,Your page are wonderful, they are really easy to use..
Please keep up what you are doing.


Laura Award
hey, faya, pretty, pretty page!!!.


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