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Jausten's Award For Excellence
Hi Faya, I'd love to present you with my award for excellence


Christmas Gift
Thank you Marie for your lovely gift.
"Happy Holidays" too for you and your family.


Award for great creation
Hi Faya,..Congrats to you!!!You are a winner.
I really enjoyed my visit to your site so much,
you have done a wonderful job.


Hard Work Award
Hello Faya,..Congratulations!You've won my award!
I can see that you put hard work into this site,
and now is the time for everyone to know.


The Duchess Award
Congratulations Faya - Your website has been awarded The Duchess Award.


Rose Award
Hi Faya.This is my award presented to you for the hard work
and love you have put into your web site.
You have made it an enjoyable, friendly, and a fun place
for everyone on the web to visit and enjoy.


Before you leave and go on to the next page,
please sign my book, thank's!

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