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Proud of My Gallery Award
The Nightwatcher's Gallery
Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Your Web Site has been chosen among the top 5% of sites
submitted and 65+ reviewed by The Nightwatcher for November, 1997.


Award of Kindiness
Thank you Pamella for your 'Award of Kindness'


awarded by !!!
Hi Faya, Congratulations! Yes, your site has won
the 'I love your site' award!


Award of Beauty
Hello Faya, Congratulations! You are the 5th person this year to receive
Ruth D. Kerce's Award of Beauty.


Elite Site Award
Hi Faya, Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected
to win an Elite Site Award.


Heart Touching Site Award
Faya, Congratulations! You've won the following awards!.


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