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"Love's Touch"
We walk together beside each other.
Our paths are different in some respects,
but we never stray too far apart.

Heart to heart, we talk.
Our feelings are varied but the respect we have for
each other's hurt and joy and love bonds us.

Face to face, we look into ourselves
and see more than anyone is possibly capable of.
You reach out to me and I to you.
We connect and the heavens open
as if massive cosmic forces have exploded.

Brightness, hope, and oneness are revealed.
The oceans roll, the rivers rise, the trees blossom,
the wind breathes, robins take flight, a deer raises it's head,
time stands still, the key turns the lock, and my heart opens up.
All this in the blink of an eye. All this in our lifetime.
I love you.

Poem by David Wentworth