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"The Kiss"
Standing alone outside with the woman that I care for.
Uneasy about taking the first step.
A step that will free me from me from my prison.
A step that will release me into the world that I have so long craved to be part of.

Uneasines steps in, and with it fear.
Fear that I can not do this,
For I will be ridiculed for my inexperience

I stare at her.
She looks so beautiful.
Her eyes are sparkling.
Her hair is slightly blowing with the light gust of wind that approaches.

She stares at me.
She looks deep into my eyes.
My heart, my very soul, with one single stare.
I can do nothing, but wonder what it is she sees in me.
and if she will be the brave one, start what it is I know we both want.

It seems like an eternity, but in reality it was only an eternity.

She leans closer to me and as she does, my heart stops.
Not skips a beat, just stops.
The anticipation of what is about to happen is life threatening.

She kisses me.

I'm filled with a sense of total shock.
What I have craved for,
Longed for, desired for,
For so long has finally happened.

For half a second I close my eyes, but then I open them.
I see that her eyes are closed, as her lips are touching mine.
I see on her face a state of total bliss,and nirvana.
As I take in this picture, I close my eyes,
And kiss her back.

Feeling the sensations.
The sensations of her lips on mine.
I can feel electricity.
I can feel longing.
I can feel desire.
I can feel wholeness.
I can feel as though we are one being.
All about love, and nothing else.
I want this feeling never to end.
But it does.

We break our embrace.
I stare into the eyes of the one who has helped me to lose my virginity.
The one who I will never forget for this very moment.

For the experience, the magic, the memory.

Poem by Paul R. Saltzer