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Winner! The Bouncey Smiley Web Site Awards
Faya! It gives me great pleasure to inform you
that your site was considered to be so good
that we have granted it a Bouncey Smiley Web Site Award!


GA's Silver
Faya! Your site had nice layout and graphics,
easy navigation, and we liked your "virtual flower" service. Congratulations!!!


Little Piece of Heaven Award
Faya! Congratulations! You've won my "Little Piece of Heaven" award....


The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio
Web Award
Faya I have reviewed your site and found it to be very creative
and full of content. Congratulations you have won the "The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award"!


Agape Gold Award for Family Oriented
Hi Faya,Congratulations to you for winning the "Agape Gold Award for Family Oriented Pages".


Jumbles Award Silver 1998
Faya,Congratulations. Jumbles has visited your site and enjoyed her stay.
You have obviously worked hard, so please accept my SILVER Award.


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